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Our eagerly-awaited instructional DVD is now available. If you live too far away to attend our classes, or you want to practice your dancing at home, this DVD is ideal for complete beginners and also for those who want to expand their repertoire.Filmed at three local period locations, including Worthing Assembly Hall, The Saltdean Lido, and Newhaven Fort, this DVD has a wide range of moves to learn, which are all explained fully and demonstrated broken down as well as in real-time to music.

There are also plenty of extras! The DVD includes exclusive interviews with a wide range of dance enthusiasts at our annual Rhythm & Blues Revue, AND a wild 'jam session' at Newhaven Fort where the dancers really show off their skills!

The exclusive and original soundtrack for the DVD is provided by top swing band Rockin' in Rhythm. The filming at Newhaven Fort, which includes demonstrations of all the moves taught on the DVD to music, has over 50 background dancers, all dressed in 1940s clothes.

See the DVD opening sequence here - DVD Introduction - requires Windows Media Player or Real Player (please note quality has been drastically reduced for quicker download)

The DVD has been produced by Harveys Video Productions, and is in broadcast quality. To our knowledge, this is the only DVD of this 1940s / 50s style jive dancing, so grab a copy while you can!

How to Buy

This DVD is available to dispatch worldwide

  • DVDs at £19.99 are available to buy at all Brighton Jive events, including lessons and Kalamazoo.
  • Purchase by post - please send a cheque made payable to Brighton Jive Promotions for. £22.49 (UK Delivery, Includes Postage & Packing) to Brighton Jive Promotions, 33 Vale Avenue, Findon, Worthing BN14 0BZ.
  • Pay with your debit / credit card, by clicking this button
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Brand New for 2015! For the 10th Anniversary of the production of this DVD. We have now released a video version which is available by Download.

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  • Dear Janneke and Colin, I really feel I must comment on how good your DVD is, every move is explained perfectly and the demonstrations on how to perform the moves you have just been taught after the section really do help. I especially enjoyed the Jiving Jam as it is a great way to pick up on new moves! So if you're reading this and are thinking about buying the DVD I really encourage you to as it's a great reference if you've done one of the courses before and is still great if you're an absolute beginner!
    Shanice Simmons, Worthing

    We couldn't wait to see your DVD and bought it at the earliest opportunity! We think it's very entertaining watching people you "know" dance so brilliantly, and love the free dance footage at the end of the filming. We have also used the DVD as a reference when we can't quite remember the finer details of a move - it's a great help and saves us arguing over which way is the correct way!
    Here's hoping you're thinking of making another DVD.

    Sandra and Graham Scott

    The DVD is very informative and beginners that buy it will easily be able to learn, and the likes of pupils who have been through all three courses can still refer to it if need be. Hope you will make another one soon!

    Jane & Dennis Hill

    The DVD is GREAT, its so easy to follow unlike some other dance teachers I have seen! My mum was even starting to pick it up whilst I was watching it.
    Gary Burt

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