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See what past students have to say...

I feel I really must put ‘pen to paper’ regarding an all time ambition of mine. For over 30 years I have ogled and envied those couples on the dance floor who could ‘Rock’n’Roll’ (as I called it). However, 6 months ago, my wife and I decided we would learn to dance and tried salsa dancing, and we did struggle with the beat but persevered. Some days prior to Christmas (2002), on walking through the town centre in Worthing, the Brighton Jive Dance Troupe were putting on a display - we stopped to stare and were mesmerised. Wow!…Fantastic! We were encouraged to take a flyer, but we explained we were dancing salsa (and struggling). A week later we decided to enrol anyway…
Since the very first lesson, we have been hooked, and not looked back. The jive is so enjoyable, exciting, great fun, healthy, sociable and addictive, and our figures have improved! So, I say to anyone who says ‘I can’t dance’ or ‘I have two left feet’….Do it, have a go!!!
You really don’t know what you are missing.

M. Whitaker, Lancing

Learning jive was the best choice I could have made. Colin and Janneke made it easy and enjoyable to learn, with every move described fully. There are plenty of dances to go to, and jiving is a really sociable way to get exercise.

M. Simmonds, Brighton

Chris, Jenny, Ben and I would like to thank you both very much for so patiently teaching us to jive.
When Jenny first had lessons from you, she became a new person – it really did change her life. She gained a lot of confidence and never stopped talking about you both – what you wore, the way you danced, etc. Then Nick joined her, then Julia, and now Chris and I have joined the fan club along with Ben, Jenny’s boyfriend.
You are both fantastic teachers – just enough repetition, clear instructions, humour, and best of all, you manage to make everyone feel good about themselves. You both have a great gift, and you use it well. Thank you.
When we came to our first Kalamazoo, we were scared rigid. However, there were so many people, that it was possible to jig along in a corner unnoticed and we had a lot of fun. I even met someone I knew from work. I was so stunned by the clothes on sale at the back that I resolved to get down to a size 12 so that I could find something to fit. I’m almost there – another few pounds and I’ll be there with my credit card!
We’re looking forward to seeing you both again soon. Thanks for helping two almost 60-year-olds to regain a bit of youth and a new zest of life.

Mr & Mrs Clark, Eastbourne

As we come to the last of our lessons with you I thought I would write to thank you for teaching us to jive.
I must say that on the first lesson when you did your demonstration, we had serious doubts that we would be able to master even the most basic of the moves. But, some three months later, we can honestly say that although we still have a little way to go, we have never experienced such a feeling of success or enjoyed ourselves so much in the process of learning. The way you deliver the lessons, revisiting the moves on the following week, really helps us to remember. We’ve made some lovely friends, have a great social life thanks to Kalamazoo, and will be very sad to have our last lesson on Monday.
Please feel free to quote us in any way. We can’t recommend you highly enough. We came to you on the recommendation of our friends Julie and Chris and you’re everything they say you are. We wish you both continuing success with Brighton Jive.

Mr & Mrs Reed, Worthing

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