Dance Displays for Worthing Rotary Club
Bank holiday Monday 29th August 2005

Gee and Pam in the 40s set

Michelle and Rob

Sue and Bob

Vicki and Nick doing the Split Splat

Colin and Janneke

Janneke, Pam, Gee, Nick and Colin

Time for the 50s set, and special guest Elvis arrives backstage with his entourage

The crowd waits patiently...

... and to their delight, Elvis spares them the singing, but launches into an impromptu dance

Bob and Sue

Kym and Lucy

Nick and Vicki

Janneke and 'Elvis'

Go Pam!

Doing the Stroll - Sue, Gee, Colin and Vicki

On the grass - Pam, Rob, Bob, Michelle and Janneke

Elvis is clearly impressed with the 4-girl jive

Many thanks to Mick Whitaker and Leigh Gibbins for photos and filming on the day

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